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CO alarm standards know when you are protected

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Maya Angelou (1928, bio link)

The following news link posted yesterday and here again today is worthy of note. Meals on Wheels homeowners to get carbon monoxide alarms  Identifying those in most need,  making sure they have food and an environment safe from the deadly levels of carbon monoxide that may present itself to the unsuspecting homeowners is a great fulfillment. But wait a moment…

The information found  on the packaging of the U.L. listed alarms being donated indicate that people of vulnerable health require CO alarms that will alert them to levels under 30 PPM of carbon monoxide. The vision I have is that the whole population of recipients of Meals on Wheels assistance are vulnerable to lower levels of the poisonous gas. This well meaning exercise may not be protecting the recipients from levels of CO that may be causing additional heart or other stresses associated with oxygen displacement.

This would also be a good time  to note that the people who deliver Meals on Wheels would be good candidates to be wearing personal CO monitors, those that are designed to pick up low levels of the poison. These volunteers are entering into unknown atmospheres inhabited by people who may already be exhibiting some of the known symptoms of CO poisoning, and where levels of the gas might be lurking. These symptoms include tiredness, weakness, confusion, breathing & heart distresses to list a few.

We can take our good intentions to another level  and begin protecting people at the levels they need protection from. Measurement is education; measurement is protection. Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety

CO News links
Belmont Elementary carbon monoxide leak leads to lunch outside
Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald
A slight carbon monoxide leak at Belmont Elementary today resulted in students having lunch outside.

Downtown restaurant closed over elevated carbon monoxide levels
Aurora Advertiser
The Kirksville Fire Department responded shortly after midnight Thursday after residents of a downtown upstairs apartment reported their carbon monoxide detector had gone off, warning of elevated gas levels. Fire fighters established that there were ...

Carbon monoxide warning follows Ballycastle incident
Ballymoney and Moyle Times
NORTHERN Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) along with the Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) are warning people of the dangers of carbon monoxide and are calling on everyone to take responsibility by acting now, to stay safe ...

Carbon monoxide detector law sparks worry locally Washington
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
A new requirement for carbon monoxide detectors in homes has raised a number of burning questions among property owners and developers. With news of the new requirement circulating locally Wednesday, the Walla Walla County Joint Development ...

All residences need carbon monoxide alarms
KXLY Spokane
In 2011, any new home needed carbon monoxide, or CO, alarms installed. On January 1, add existing apartments, hotels, and single-family homes to the list. Spokane Valley Assistant Fire Marshal Bill Clifford suggested installing a CO alarm sooner than that.

The lowest U.L. 2034 carbon monoxide alarm test point is:
70 PPM to 149 PPM –
resist one hour, must alarm before 4 hours
Please read the alarm information on the package and in the instructions.

Increased education, awareness can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
Minnesota Department of Commerce
SAINT PAUL, MN – Each year about 50,000 people visit emergency rooms in the United States for CO poisoning, and more than 500 die each year from this silent, odorless, colorless gas. As part of Winter Hazard Awareness Week (November 5-9), the Minnesota Department of Commerce warns Minnesotans of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and to take steps to avoid this “silent killer.”

Carbon monoxide kills, founder sends warning
Carbon Monoxide Information Website ... Carbon Monoxide Useful Links · Contact ... Get the Top ten carbon monoxide safety tips sent to your inbox:

Carbon monoxide toxicity
Emergency Medicine Ireland - By Andy Neill

Aviators – note:
Federal Aviation Administration warning; Carbon Monoxide: a Deadly Menace

Carbon Dioxide earth atmospheric update levels;
Current Data for Atmospheric CO2

· Heart rescue video using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

· Please take CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY CARE during all holiday and everyday activities.

· Carbon Monoxide Survivor
A website made by poisoning survivors that brings a view that can only come from those that know what it is like to have been poisoned - as well as live with the long term impact.

Consider low level protection for carbon monoxide and smoldering fire detection problems; don't leave anyone behind.
National Conference of State Legislatures
Carbon Monoxide Detectors State Statutes

Twenty-five U.S. states have statutes that require carbon monoxide detectors in certain residential buildings. Updated Nov. 2011
Alaska | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts| Michigan | Minnesota | Montana | New Jersey | New Hampshire | New York | North Carolina | Oregon | Rhode Island | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia

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American Red Cross - disaster relief

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