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Carbon Monoxide News September 19, 2012 - updated frequently

"Sorry for your losses; thanks for finding the strength to save lives, just keep doing what you are doing. You are helping."
Bob Dwyer (CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety, listen)

Community safety connections & preparations for raising carbon monoxide poisoning awareness and prevention/detection before it becomes a hazard includes just about everybody in that community, some more than others. We have all been carbon monoxide poisoned and, most likely will be again to some degree, some of us more than others.

We are a global combustion culture, from the smallest charcoal cooking fires to the largest of our fuel burning power plants, we live because of fire; we also die by fire, and carbon monoxide and combustion gas exposure.

When a person dies from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, most often it takes the diligence and efforts of a passionate volunteer who has lost that loved one to raise this awareness through education, helps draw support to local fire department and emergency responders efforts, and promotes legislation and support regarding detection and severe CO poisoning prevention.

There are many buildings and other places where carbon monoxide may be found in harmful levels. Please know the evacuation and breathing apparatus levels employed by the local fire department. These would be ambient levels of air measured in parts per million (PPM).

Measurement is education:

 · Carbon monoxide alarms: at what PPM level does yours sound? Are you ok with this?

 · Personal carbon monoxide monitors: whose choice is it that you are not wearing one on your job?

 · Ambient air carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide instruments; big building sickness sources being overlooked from lack of simple measurements.

· Non-invasive carboxyhemoglobin % measurement: this in combination with personal CO monitors in the emergency field improves detection and recovery. This used at all health care facilities on patients presenting symptoms would decrease misdiagnosis of CO poisoning and perhaps the continual compounding of some patients symptoms.

· Combustion analyzers: All of my training colleagues, respected mentors, friends and associates of the past 20 years still remark at how few heating technicians have and use a combustion analyzer with diligence. The manufacturers of these products have improved the features and ease of use, and have them reasonably priced. It is quite a simple set of measurement tasks taken with the aid of an analyzer that can verify the performance and the measureable specifications the combustion system was designed to operate at.

If you don’t test, you don’t know. No matter how it is perceived, measure more and you will learn more.
Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety

5 deaths and dedication help build carbon monoxide law
Former WCMS Student Receives Proclamation From Governor Haslam
Clarksville Now
A Clarksville girl, 15 year old Skylar Hughes, was presented with a proclamation from Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Tuesday for her work in remembering five people from Clarksville who died a year ago from carbon monoxide poisoning....(After the five deaths in 2011 Gov. Bill Haslam changed state law to require that RV lessors and lessees acknowledge that an RV has a working carbon monoxide detector. Before, they weren't required to have them at all.)

Gas Safety Week event, don’t lose loved ones to CO poisoning
Gas safety road show raises awareness of odourless danger
Peterborough Telegraph
A woman whose boyfriend died of carbon monoxide poisoning helped to raise awareness of the dangers at a gas safety event in a Peterborough shop. Gas Safe Register held events all over the country for Gas Safety Week between September 10 and 16.

Mountain of manure a greenhouse challenge for animal industries
ABC Online
This virtual mountain of manure is a significant contributor to Australia's carbon footprint, emitting greenhouse gas in the form of methane and to a lesser extent nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. In all livestock industries manure is considered a ...

Emissions from transport to decrease, but not as much as hoped for
Helsingin Sanomat
If the present trend continues, carbon dioxide emissions from transport in Finland will exceed the goals for emissions set by the EU for 2050 by about one third – even though they will have fallen to the 1980 level by that time. The EU's goal will be ...

Precautions, Prevention
Extreme fire danger shuts down public land use
Operating a chainsaw or other equipment powered by an internal combustion engine in violation of Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) Directives. The current IFPL 3 “Partial Shutdown” does not allow any wood cutting either for commercial or personal ...

· Heart Rescue Now This link takes you to a very short video that is a practical demonstration on the proper usage of an AED. This video is tastefully done & demonstrates the step-by-step way one might be able to save a life.

· Please take CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY CARE during all holiday and everyday activities.

· Carbon Monoxide Survivor
A website made by poisoning survivors that brings a view that can only come from those that know what it is like to have been poisoned - as well as live with the long term impact.

· Consider low level protection for carbon monoxide and smoldering fire detection problems; don't leave anyone behind.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Carbon Monoxide Detectors State Statutes
Twenty-five U.S. states have statutes that require carbon monoxide detectors in certain residential buildings. Updated Nov. 2011
Alaska | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts| Michigan | Minnesota | Montana | New Jersey | New Hampshire | New York | North Carolina | Oregon | Rhode Island | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia

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Masimo (See the non-invasive RAD-57)
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