Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

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Lethal levels of carbon monoxide force evacuation of Brooklyn apartment house ...
New York Daily News
BY Henrick Karoliszyn, John Lauinger and Lukas I. Alpert
An apartment building in Brooklyn had to be evacuated due to high levels of carbon monoxide.
COSA NOTE regarding the following quote found in the story link above: “The FDNY evacuates buildings when carbon monoxide levels are more than 10 parts per million.” U.L. 2034 Listed carbon monoxide alarms, the most common, have only been tested at 70, 150 and 400 PPM to meet the listing. They are not permitted to alarm at levels under 30 PPM of carbon monoxide as part of that listing. Above 30 PPM and below the 70 PPM level, the alarms may not alarm for at least 30 days.

FDNY also reminds and recommends in the next story link– “City law requires every home to have a working carbon-monoxide detector. Test it monthly, and change the batteries twice a year.” If you live in New York City and have bought an alarm that has been approved with the U.L. 2034 Listing, you may be living in atmospheres above the evacuation levels used by FDNY.

Tips to avoid carbon-monoxide poisoning Follow-up to previous story
New York Daily News
An apartment building in Brooklyn had to be evacuated due to high levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide - the "silent killer" - is an odorless, ...

17 hospitalized for carbon monoxide
Boston Herald By Herald staff
High carbon monoxide levels in a single-family home in Mattapan sent 17 people to local hospitals last night as a precaution, ...

Bucks church evacuated by carbon monoxide fumes
Philadelphia Inquirer
A Bucks County church with more than 100 parishioners in attendance was evacuated Sunday morning when carbon monoxide fumes disrupted services, according to ...

Mesa Family Hospitalized For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
KPHO Phoenix
Nine people were taken to a hospital after becoming sick from carbon monoxide poisoning. Blu Caton, with the Mesa Fire Department, said the victims were all ...

Two Weyers Cave Residents Treated for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Augusta County Sheriff's Deputies rescued a woman and her son from carbon monoxide poisoning on Saturday. The deputies responded to a home on Harpers Street ...