Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
John Dewey (1859-1952)

Widow mourns death of husband after shocking carbon monoxide poisoning
A woman from Delta who lost her husband to an abrupt carbon monoxide poisoning has opened up exclusively to 11 News about the sudden tragedy. ...

Amber India Restaurant Resumes Meal Service After Carbon Monoxide Leak That ...
The San Francisco Appeal FOLLOW UP by Bay City News
A San Francisco Indian restaurant has resumed meal service not more than a day after it was shut down for a carbon monoxide leak that

State agency warns about hypothermia, carbon monoxide
Anniston Star
Both “solutions” are likely to lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, McVay said. Home electrical generators can also be a carbon monoxide hazard — if they're ...

Home hit by carbon monoxide poisoning
Calgary Sun By NADIA MOHARIB, Calgary Sun
Three patients were taken from a home under construction in the Hamptons after likely carbon monoxide poisoning. ... ARTICLE QUOTES: …levels in the home on Hamptons View N.W. were as high as 250 parts per million (PPM.) To put it in to perspective he said fire crews typically started evacuating — especially pregnant women and children who are more vulnerable to CO poisoning — when levels reach 12-1/2 PPM. “At 25 parts per million we start evacuation of the general public and at 35 everyone is out,” he said.

MARIA JOSE CRUSELLAS FOUNDATION: Imagine yourself on an airplane on the way to marry your fiancé, only to arrive at the airport to find that she has tragically died. On February 12th, 2010 Maria Jose Crusellas was found dead in her apartment in Quito….. For more information please check out their website at

New insights from the nano world: Direct observation of carbon monoxide binding
Nanowerk LLC (Nanowerk News)
Carbon monoxide is highly toxic since it blocks the binding site for oxygen in hemoglobin. This very principle – a porphyrin ring with a…

Chipping Norton family owe their lives to carbon monoxide detector
Cotswold Journal
THE LIVES of a Chipping Norton family were saved by a carbon monoxide detector in their home last week. Firefighters from Chippy rushed to the home on the ...