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Every day is a carbon monoxide safety education day.
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“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” Francis Bacon (1561-1626, bio link)

Red Cross - Typhoon Appeal  continues in the Philippines. Another please, with hopes of another thank you. Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety

Red Cross - Disaster Relief  Illinois - The clean up, the Red Cross, volunteers, churches and all the good people surface and react as if this was their purpose in life, to help those who need help, and to safely assist law enforcement, fire department, utility company, city, county and state authorities as repair and rebuilding moves forward. Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety
Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning to yourself and others. Measure carbon monoxide for safety and knowledge. The more you test the more you learn. Measurement is education at its best. Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety 
CO and Air Quality News Links
Children suffer carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty heater

“With carbon monoxide being odorless, tasteless and not having any really distinct signs, the detector is key for knowing you have that dangerous gas in your…

Preston County Elementary School Evacuated Due to Carbon Monoxide ... 

Students at Tunnelton Denver Elementary School were evacuated Friday afternoon after being exposed to higher than normal levels of carbon monoxide...

Carbon monoxide-related hospitalizations decrease in MN

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, hospitalizations due to carbon monoxide poisoning have dropped significantly, and officials attribute that decline to a law, which says all single-family homes, and multi-dwelling units must have CO alarms…

Health officials urge preparedness for winter weather woes
Kingsport Times News

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be found in small gas ... Some of the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include ...

Stove cooks up trouble
Sault Star

It's not known if the amount of carbon monoxide caused the man to lose consciousness or if he was already asleep. Paramedics were called. He refused medical…

Enough to establish a New Year's resolution
Fillmore County Journal

Preston Emergency Service receives $2,500 grant from AGSTAR. Preston Emergency used the grant along with funds given by Preston Fire Department to Purchase a Masimo Rad-57 Carbon Monoxide Oximeter. This device is able to read oxygen levels and carbon monoxide levels which are attached to hemoglobin. Our current monitor cannot read the difference between oxygen and CO, which will result in a false reading of the oxygen level. This monitor will be used to treat victims of carbon monoxide poisonings also used during fire rehab…

The Silent Killer - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

It is state law to have carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home. If your weekend plans have you itching to get out on the frozen lakes and rivers for ...

Who is responsible for the air you breathe? Take control inside your homes.
-Link to: CO alarm standards –  
The lowest U.L. 2034 & CSA 6.19 carbon monoxide alarm test point is:
- 70 PPM to 149 PPM –resist one hour, must alarm before 4 hours
Please read the alarm information on the packageand in the instructions. Know when your fire department and emergency responders begin wearing their breathing apparatus and what their civilian evacuation levels are for carbon monoxide; it may be before 70 PPM. It is for pregnant women, infants & children, the elderly and all people of vulnerable health. Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety

Consider low level protection for carbon monoxide and smoldering fire detection problems; don't leave anyone behind.

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The World Clock - Time Zones
- Google Maps-
- Earthquake Map

Increased education, awareness can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
Minnesota Department of Commerce

Carbon monoxide kills, founder sends warning

· Please take CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY CARE during all holiday and everyday activities.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Carbon Monoxide Detectors State Statutes

Twenty-seven U.S. states have statutes that require carbon monoxide detectors in certain residential buildings. Updated Nov. 2011
| Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts| Michigan | Minnesota | Montana | New Jersey | New Hampshire | New York | North Carolina | Oregon | Rhode Island | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia

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