Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

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COSA asks that before you use that gas or oil furnace,
Get your combustion heating systems serviced and verified to operate within the measureable parameters listed on the service data plate on the furnace. This information is also found in the technician instructions that came with the furnace, along with the “Owner’s Manual”.

In many cases knowledgeable, trained and credentialed technicians will be able to provide you a combustion analysis report that is printed right off of their test instruments. This report will include measurements of how much carbon monoxide may be being generated before and after their service. Hopefully there is none or very little. Sometimes it is just not possible to get a system to produce “0” PPM of CO. Get them tested and please make sure there are no obstructions in the vent or chimney before using.

It is recommended that there be at least one low level carbon monoxide alarm in every building to ensure that all who enter are protected from the levels they need to be protected from.

Lucky escape from Carbon Monoxide leak leads to safety warning from Cambs fire ...
Haverhill Echo
PEOPLE are being reminded to make sure they get gas appliances regularly serviced after two households in Cambridgeshire had a lucky escape from leaking carbon monoxide (CO). “Gas appliances are increasingly useful as the weather turns colder but also ...