Monday, June 11, 2012

Carbon Monoxide News - June 11, 2012

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”
Buddha (563 BCE - 483 BCE, bio link)  

The protection of the emergency responder and the fire fighter is of vital importance not only to keep them from being burned but to protect them from inhaling poisonous gases. Self contained breathing apparatus and multi-gas, and personal carbon monoxide monitors can keep them safer and informed. This includes the police as they are often the first on a 911 call with a “citizen down”. (Check the news story archive links and headlines found on this blog. You will find many instances where law officers had to be rescued because they were not equipped with simple, personal protection and they entered a building to protect and serve.)

Baseline COHb% testing of all people, particularly emergency personnel is critical in determining if supplemental oxygen therapy or pressurized oxygen therapy is required to unload carbon monoxide from the hemoglobin after an incident where it is known that carbon monoxide was a factor in the rescue or containment. This would include those off the front lines, where numerous emergency vehicles and/or generators might be operating with open exhaust systems. Since CO does not readily remove from hemoglobin and increased levels in the human body results in oxidative stress, this procedure will help protect the health and well being of these every day heroes.

Building fires of all sizes pose immediate threats to the inhabitants of those buildings. Carbon monoxide poisoning or poisoning from burning plastics, vinyl and other cyanide related gases can be fatal long before the body burns.
Consider low level protection for carbon monoxide and smoldering fire detection problems. Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety

News Links
Backlog of inspections in Boston for smoke & CO alarms
A surge in home sales in Boston this spring is causing a major backlog in smoke and carbon monoxide detector inspections, which are required to finalize a sale, frustrating property owners and real estate agents who say they have been forced to push ...

Carbon monoxide levels send four to hospital 
RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A small fire in a Raleigh apartment sent four people to the hospital (25 evacuated from buildings) Sunday after emergency responders found residents experiencing carbon monoxide symptoms. Multiple emergency crews responded shortly after 10 am to 2810 Greshman ...

Please take CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY CARE during all holiday and everyday activities.

Carbon Monoxide Survivor A website made by poisoning survivors that brings a view that can only come from those that know what it is like to have been poisoned - as well as live with the long term impact.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Carbon Monoxide Detectors State Statutes
Twenty-five U.S. states have statutes that require carbon monoxide detectors in certain residential buildings. Updated Nov. 2011
Alaska | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts| Michigan | Minnesota | Montana | New Jersey | New Hampshire | New York | North Carolina | Oregon | Rhode Island | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia

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